I am just getting over a terrible bout of strep throat. I couldn't swallow anything. I was so weak, I could barely sit at the table for lunch. Sit?! I couldn't walk over. Lunch? All I could even think of eating was rice porridge. All I could drink was herbal tea. I alternated between sweating through my clothes and shivering with a heating pad. I would sit on the toilet with a blanket around me! I slept 20 hours a day. I'm finally feeling like a person again. I actually went out today for pre-admission work for my upcoming surgery and got in a little bit of Christmas shopping. But boy, I was sick as a dawg for 3 days. Like a wet rag. Had the stuffin knocked outta me. Add any other cliches you'd like.

This morning, I arose, checked my email while drinking my coffee. Like a real person. As I was taking my long overdue shower, I was so darn GRATEFUL. I was GRATEFUL I had a house. GRATEFUL I had running water. GRATEFUL it was waaaarmmm. Very warm. I was GRATEFUL I had shampoo. And a big cushy towel. Everything felt like Spring. Even the freezing weather was a joy to me.


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Carla said...

I hear ya sister!! Am looking forward to a shower myself.