Proud Mama

Indulge me.

From Fireman Small, by Wong Herbert Yee:

"Come quick!" Mother Rabbit cries,
Holding back the tears in her eyes.
Fireman Small peers in the well
Climbs down to where Litte Bunny fell.
Finds Litte Bynnyt asleep on the ground
Brings her back up, all safe and sound.
Mother Rabbit shouts: "HOORAY"
Fireman Small drives back to the bay.

He pulls into station number nine.
Walks upstairs, one step at a time. Closes the curtains, gets in bed
And pulls the covers over his head.
JING-A-LING-JING the telephone rings.
Bakery's on fire! Can't see a thing.

Quickly out of bed he scoots,
Jumps into his pants and boots.
Ready to go, he slides down the pole
Puts on his helmet and coat below.
Sirens cry, lights flashing by
Fireman Small see smoke in the sky.


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Grace said...

Too sweet. Amazing too. He reads with inpressive expression! Hug him for me.