In Praise of Feminists

We women could not be what we are, or have what we have, or do what we do, were it not for the Feminists.


You may not agree with all their positions, (I don't!) but please stop bashing them.

OK, OK. I'm a little cranky. I have read ONE TOO MANY quotes from conservatives who BASH Feminists not recognizing they owe much of their quality of life to those women who were not afraid to be labeled b*y, loud, obnoxious, satanic and angry. Cuz the were pissed - for themselves, their moms, sisters, you and me.



mamawhelming said...

Amen! Now if the movement would focus on helping women make this important advance in the workplace: a truly healthy balance of motherhood with career.

Carla said...

It is the feminists that are adamantly pro abortion I take issue with. They want to keep the killing of baby girls a basic human right but fight for womens rights??

blackbelt_oma said...

I do not identify myself as a Feminist, because of its political implications. As I said, I disagree with many of their issues, abortion among them. However, I am thankful for their bravery in fighting for and getting many of the things we enjoy. Many things that we didn't have in 1970.

Carla said...

I like Feminists for Life. :)