That Lovin' Feeling

Did you grow up in the days when each kid owned 2 pairs of shoes? if they were lucky? I think I had school shoes, gym shoes and maybe flip-flops, which we used to call "thongs."

Do you remember that feeling when you got new school shoes? Like you wanted to wear them out of the store and for the rest of the day? Did you ever get to wear them to bed?
Boo will never be able to relate to the shoes thing, but I think every kid knows the feeling of really, really liking something new that they got and never wanting to let it go.

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AmyP said...

We had three pairs: School shoes, Church shoes (usually purchased for Easter), and play shoes (usually hand-me-downs that had once been school shoes).

Cute picture of Boo. He looks so satisfied after a full day.

Merry Christmas, Grace.