Heard On The Radio

I had the radio on this afternoon as I was driving home from Worship. It was one of those low-keyed stories retold by this guy with that NPR-montone voice. He was confessing his vacation disasters. Disasters that he admits are his fault. At one point, he said something like this:

This whole racism thing, I just don't get it. Me? Well, I really don't like people. There are so many things to dislike, and you're going to pick color??
Well, I got a chuckle, anyway.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Me, too! I mean, why not pick something really important? Like whether or not someone sings in the shower or not? Because I don't know if I could be friends with a person who has never - not once, no matter how bad it sounds - sung in the shower.

Lora said...


in my laundry list of qualities I can't stand in people, color or language is completely dead last.

animals, however are different.
white animals make me sick. I hate the way their pink skin shows through and how their eyes have no color around them. Oh, and you can see all the dirt on their hair. I can't even think about touching them.

Rebecca said...

Good to keep this tucked away in my brain - I'm thinking of someone right now to whom I'd like to post this question.

rosemary said...

Funny! I am always personally bothered by people who are just too optimistic all the time. Can't they see the sky is falling??