Link-on Blogs: Art and Memory

momster - Irene Nam is a photographer, an expat in Paris. It must be so hard being her! Irene's images have the serenity of a filled void, a thought-full pause, a dreamy reality. There's a diChirico-ness without the despair or loneliness. [You can buy her images from her shop, but all proceeds go to Save the Children, which provides "community-based reproductive health and family planning services."]

Heather Duncan - I found her while searching Richard Diebenkorn, one of my favorite artists. Her images had me from hello. She also has a studio blog and she says some interesting things to say.

Break My Heart - I don't know Bruce Richards, but he must have been a U.S. G.I. in 1960 when he took these pictures of Korea. From 1910 to 1945, Japan forcibly occupied Korea, making us their slave state. The soul of the Korean people were bruised and squeezed, but not broken. Despite having to wear Japanese style uniforms, cut our hair, change our names. Forbidden to speak or write Korean. They tried to kill our history, our culture, our literature, our spirit. Just five years after Japan's defeat in WWII, the Korean war started and lasted three years into the middle of 1953, something my parents lived through. These pictures, from 1960, are from just seven years later; the year I was born.

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