I get a gurgly feeling in the pit of my stomach.  This subtle yet clear urge to, um, excuse me, but this urge to lurch.  I feel a sense of shame.  I've had it for decades now.  I should probably go talk to someone about it.  See if there's an antidote. 

It happened during the 80's, the Reagan years, the Bushes.  Now, with Barack Obama. 
Barack.  Obama.  MaMan.

Now I know for sure that I have an incurable allergy to State of the Union Addresses.


Amy said...

I gave up after the intro. He
might as well have said, "Webster's dictionary defines union as..."

I never watch them.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Twelve years ago the husband and I sat through a rather long-winded one. During an exceptionally boring part, the husband turned to me and asked, "so... you wanna get married?" (Seriously.)

AmyP said...

We watch every year. And we make Chae watch too. Yeah, we are *those* parents. =) Had a very funny conversation this year trying to explain why some people would clap/stand and others did not. His response: "That sounds dumb." You got it, kid. =)

Tammey said...

Gave up on those years ago. Your right, it doesn't matter if it's your candidate or not...still too painful and yes...sickening.

Lora said...

I put it on, but don't listen. I made Jake listen, but he didn't get it.

I do however, watch the follow up slams. When we have a Republican in office I watch the Dems. When we have a Democrat in office I was the Reps. I love how passionate the opposition gets.

As if ANY of us believe a word of that crap!