Helllo Luvvah!

I want to sleep with you; hold your round smooth warmness against me.  I want to be with you everyday, washing brown rice or jasmine rice or short grain rice...steaming pork buns...making porridge together.  I know others will say you're too fussy, that you have expensive tastes.  But.  They don't understand.  They don't know what it's like to be.  To be.  East Asian.

You were good to me, but I've got to move on. I have brown rice and porridge to consider now.  Take care, and have a nice life.  I know you'll make someone else as happy as you made me.


Tam said...

UR HI larious! Sometimes it's the simple things that make us HAPPY!

Haley said...

I want a rice cooker sooooooooo bad! There are no stores in this area that carry nice ones. And the rice just isn't the same when not cooked in one :(

Lora said...

I read a post somewhere yesterday about how a blogger thought that rice cookers are SO unnecessary when you can just make rice in a pot.



And I'm emailing Haley right now to tell her that even Target pulls through for the rice cookers. Then again, I live in a neighborhood highly populated by Asians, so maybe they stock accordingly.

There's always the internet.

Julie said...

I was just thinking the same thing as Tam when I read it. It IS the little things that make you happy!

Amy said...

I don't think I've ever had rice cooked in a rice cooker. (I KNOW!) Although if it is a standard cooking method for East Asian people, I must have because when I was growing up, nearly all of my friends' parents came from that part of the world and I ate many meals at their houses. As a 9 year old I was paying more attention to the awesome spoons and tofu : )

My steamer says it also doubles as a rice cooker. Is that a bunch of crap? Should I bother trying it?

melissa said...

ooooooooooo - so pretty and shiny!!! LOVE IT!