New Do


I hadn't had a hair cut in months.  I've been too busy to make the 50-minute drive to the salon.  A highly skilled hair stylist can do my hair, and anyone else's, but I haven't found one in this here part of the world.  They really need to understand texture and shape; the texture of my hair, the shape of my head, what complements my features.  So I drive to a Korean stylist whose clientele is mostly Asian.

The very hairs on my head are different -  each hair on my head has longer fibres, a rounder cross-section, and is about 40% thicker than Caucasians'.  I've heard that because of its thickness, our hair must be cut directionally, that it, must be combed carefully and cut at a particular angle to keep it laying properly.  (If you think about cutting pencil lead vs a pencil - does that help you envision it?)

HH and I were having a talk one morning before he left for work.  I was saying I needed a hair cut and started to cry.  I was high at the time - high on hormones.  I hadn't had a haircut in months and felt disheveled and unattractive.  I knew I should be able to transcend that and concentrate on my inner self but I couldn't.  I felt badly about myself.  Frumpy and dumpy. 

I heard about a Tom Jones song when I was younger that had a line something like,
'When your woman is feeling bad, Sometimes a woman needs a new dress.'

At the time, those words turned my blood into sour juice that shot through my veins right into my heart and head and nearly drove me to insanity. 

Twenty years later, I see that sometimes, this woman needs a new dress.  Or do


Amy said...

A wise woman once quoted those song lyrics to me...

That's quite a sassy new 'do you've got there. I really like it.

I had a similar experience back in September, as well as a similar haircut. Right now I'm slipping into the disheveled and tired look again.

I'll sum up your look with one word: sleek.

Sorry your hair made you cry. It happens to every woman, I bet.

Lora said...

I love the cut, short hair is always amazing.

And on monday I bought myself two new dresses. Just cheapies from old navy, but two new dresses nonetheless

I really needed them

gpieacake said...

very cute! It drives me nuts when a stylist doesn't know how to cut naturally curly hair. Fortunately I found a good one.

Haley said...

It looks beautiful! I love asian hair! I have a friend that is Japanese...I could sit and play with her hair all day. It is so thick and strong and gorgeous.
In my opinion Asian women got the best looks when God passed them out...

Musings of a Housewife said...

Very cute! But honestly? I thought it looked nice long. I had no clue you disliked it so much. But I can SO relate. When my daughters have melt downs about their hair, I find myself commiserating with their emotions. What is it about us women and our hair?

Julie said...

I love your new do! I totally agree with the fact that Asian hair is completely different than Caucasian hair. I would pay BIG bucks to have an Asian woman cut the girls hair. Not one Asian hairdresser in Erie though.

melissa said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!