My oven is broked. I don't bake much at all, and anything else I've been using an electric griddle. So. My husband's birthday was yesterday. I remember 5 days ago that maybe I should bake him a cake. Cuz, you know, it's only the big decade. Maybe I could break open a 2 dollar cardboard box and throw it in the oven to show how much I love him. But I've been an ingredient reader for a long time and aside from not being able to get a whole baked anything to come out of my oven, my love for my family precludes me from buying many of the items that we Americans call "food."

I did the next best thing I could do given my circumstances. I bought a locally baked angel food cake, organic strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. A carton of heavy cream. I whipped up the whipped cream, blended up some berries, cut the cake in half, stuffed it with cream and berries, poured some on top and...VIOLA!  I mean VOILA!!

My boys were thoroughly impressed.

After my boys' favorite meal of "roll you own" California roll:

Happy Birthday to my Main Man, my Handsome Husband, my Heaven-sent.  You are the strongest man I know.

* His age, in Korean.  ;-)


Julie said...

That is one of my most favorite cakes ever. I love angel food. I also like angel food topped with crushed up toffee bars mixed in whipped cream. Yum! Have you ever had a Pavlova? You would like that if you liked the cake you made.

Happy Birthday to your main man!! May he enjoy 50 more years of health and happiness.

Amy said...

Looks spectacular! That's what Chris always requests for his birthday- angel food cake & berries. Happy Birthday to your handsome husband!

Donna B said...

Happy Birthday, Dave! Welcome to "the club"!

Haley said...

You have such a beautiful family! What a great picture! And the cake sounds fantastic!

Timothy J Russell said...

Grace!!!, I love it. Tell Dave that I wish him a Happy Birthday too!!! Very creative.

Anonymous said...

Grace-you are so unbelievably talented girl! That cake looks amazing and I want a piece now!!!