Funny Friday

Boo got a science experiment kit for Christmas.  Not from me, mind you.  I can't think of one mom who would purposely buy their young son anything that has the word "experiment" even near it. 

But trying to be the encouraging mom, I kept mum, and even sounded enthusiastic about how "cool" it was.  Although I am adamant that I never lie to anyone, ever, there are times when we as moms (and wives) must dig deep into our purse of emotions, where down in the corner near the gum wrapper and lint, if we look carefully, we'd find a scrap that means "I'm happy you're happy" and play that card.  And I did.

So in the interest of mother-son bonding, we did the experiment:

I would show you the next photo, but I was too busy picking up all those wet, brightly colored crystals from my Momeni rug.

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