New Year Resolution

About 35 years ago, I made a few Resolutions because, y'know, in the US of A, that's what we do.  Not that my immigrant family did, but y'know, everyone else.  Of course, I promptly forgot them and when I did remember them, promptly ignored them.  And of course, I don't recall what those Resolutions were.

But this year, I do have a resolution.  No 's.'  Resolution.  Just one:

I will write more.

The reason I've been writing less are varied:
  1. I've slowed down on the passionate issues that had been percolating in my heart these many years.  Having dumped my varied and sundry thoughts here on blackbelt oma, this very blog has, in a way, lead to its own demise.  
  2. I've been putting whatever little writing energy I had into being a contributor at my friend's blog, All Things Chic.  In my twenties, I was fabulously fascinated by fashion and all things worldly.  (Including men, but that's another post!)  I knew all the designers and even supermodels.  I knew the histories and traits of the luxury goods lines.  Having grown up in a little Appalachian city, I drank that stuff up like a Bedouin.  I think growing up in a post-industrial (Conrail) city of rusty rail cars, suffering the not-so-slow death of downtown and the onslaught of strip malls, I longed for beauty and design, which I found in these material goods.   I am no longer very interested in or invested in fashion, but continue to care deeply about design.  I wouldn't be telling the whole truth if I didn't say I have fun shopping and coming up with outfits.  I've written some posts I'm really proud of, in the contribution to society catagory, but, now that my friend Jo-Lynne won't be a part of All Things Chic, I'm going to hang-up my Contributor status so I can divert my energy to this blog.  However, don't be surprised if you see me as a guest blogger on her Musings site!
  3. I've started an online thrift store on etsy called gogo thrift with my besty (link also at right.)  It's not going to make us into Steve  Bezos but it'll give us some "mad money."
  4. Facebook.  Aaah Facebook.  I love you and I hate you.  Need I say more?
So, for all of my hundreds of followers (ahem) be on the lookout for a resurgence of brain dumps, here at blackbelt oma, by blackbelt oma.

Oh okay.  I'm busted.  I've said this before.  But THIS time, I mean it!

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Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} said...

While I am sad to see you leave ATC (because you were a great addition to the team) I am really happy to see more of you HERE! I love your varied and sundry thoughts! :-)