What I Learned This Week

"God is in the details."
Before Shakira and Oprah, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was known the world over simply as "Mies." Out of favor with the Nazis, he left the floundering Bauhaus school and came to the US. He is one of a handful of men that popularized what is known as the "International Style." Leaning toward the progressive thoughts of socialism and communism, I'd venture to guess that what he meant was that in the details - of life, poetry, architecture - a profound beauty and truth would be found.
As a Christian, I do not deify any political thought, art movement or, even, details. What it means to me, is that the God I know, the eternal, the magnificent, the triple "O", comes down and cares for even the minutiae of our lives; that He reveals Himself in the smallest ways. That He meets us where we are and whispers, "I love you and will take care of you." He sent ravens to feed the desperado Elijah1 and feeds even the birds2. I know your name3, He says to me.
When an ailing child alters all my plans for the week, and I am left with 2 instead of 5 days to work on a project, He may choose to be gracious to me and provide even the ribbons, vases and flowers for this prayer event. That though I was looking for one thing, a very busy but generous friend chooses to share her stash of ribbons, and there I must "settle" for another. In what I saw as Plan B, I was able to be grateful, and He showed me that when He orders it, it is Plan A.
He may even send me words of wisdom to share with the 48 women there. As I was arranging the carnations, I saw in them a beauty and life lessons that I had not seen before. [You know, carnations are SO junior prom!] Carnations are:

1) Low maintenance - yes, they needed to be trimmed to the right vase, but they are easy to handle and strong!
2) Humble - usually a support flower and inexpensive
3) Work together - the colors came alive as they were mixed and used together
4) Persevering - they are long-lasting
Yes, indeed, God is in the details.
1 1 Kings 17
2 Matthew 10
3 Isaiah 43

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Musings of a Housewife said...

Yes ma'am He is. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Third Mom said...

Lovely, very lovely.

I love carnations, always have - they're my home state's flower, and I've always loved their variety. But I never saw them in this light before, and never will see them the old way again.

A very good flower to emulate, I think.