What a Change 12 Hours Can Bring

This is Boo on any given day. He is honestly, as others have said to me, the most cheerful little boy. Sun, rain, hot, cold. Okay, so sometimes he is anxious and needy. But you get the picture.

This is Boo today, with a 103 temperature. The only good thing about this is that oma get lots of snuggles.


AmyP said...

Oh! Poor kid. He looks so miserable. I'm sorry. Take good care of your sunshine.

DJ said...

I can sympathize...my little boy (almost 3 years old) has a naturally cheerful disposition and is almost never ill. But, when he gets sick, he REALLY gets sick! Hope Boo feels better soon!!

Third Mom said...

Oh, poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Boo, poor oma. Maybe some snow will bring a smile to your faces. hugs!

Grace said...

Aw, that's a heart-tugger. Poor Boo. Poor mom. Hope he's better soon. What a sweetheart.