Around the World

Heard from behind the IKEA shower curtain:

"Mom, after I'm done with my shower, I'm going on a world-wide adventure, OK?"

Sure, honey. I would love for you to see the world, all its beauty and variety and sadness and festivities. I'd love for you to stay in a hut and eat unusual foods and swim in crystal clear waters. I'd want you to meet wise monks in monasteries, work in a Chinese orphanage, learn a dying Native Alaskan language, see Ronchamps at sunset.

"Mom, what's a 'world-wide adventure?'"



AmyP said...

An adventurous spirit, indeed! Willing to go without even knowing what it is. =)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Awesome :)

My kids still think that a world-wide adventure is a trip to home depot. But that will not last. I have often said we will REQUIRE them to backpack Europe etc after college. Such mean parents.

Thanks for your comment, especially the non-judgmental part - that made my day.

(because, of course, i struggle with being exceedingly judgmental, so worked very hard not to be in my post!!)

girlymama said...

that is such a great quote!! what imagiination!

rosemary said...

Oh! I love this. It sounds like the perfect beginning of a picture book. Can I steal it?