Snips and Snails

You know how dirty little boys can get. Boo comes home covered in marker. He showers without shampooing his hair. He washes half his face. And sometimes - ack! I can't even write it! Ew. Ew. Ew.

I said "Boo, "ung-ahs" are really, really dirty. They are full of germs. If you have any left on your hands, you can get sick and make other people sick. Hundreds of years ago, people didn't have bathrooms. The "ung-ahs" used to float down the streets and hundreds of thousands of people died!"

Think I made a convincing case? Think he'll have nightmares?

I HOPE SO!!!!!!!


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Grace said...

LOL Funny post. Great visual! Nightmares? Or is that just what boys thrive on?