Boo absolutely treasures our weekend time together as a family. Unfortunately, we had a birthday party to go to on Saturday for one of his little friends. He did not want to go, but did not put up a big fuss. (I mean, I wanted to put up a fuss. Does anyone actually like going to a party with a dozen six-year olds??) I was going, because in our duty distribution, I somehow got "birthday parties."

So Boo and I are on our way, wrapped present in tow, when Boo lets out a big, dramatic yawn.
"What's wrong, buddy?" I ask. "Oh, nothing. Just that I am SO tired."
In my most innocent and sympathetic voice, I say, "Oh, I'm sorry, honey! Should we go home and take a nap?" You never saw a light go on and off so fast in your life. I saw the delight go on at the word "home" and extinguish at the word "nap."

"I'm only a little bit tired. Just a teeny-tiny bit tired. I'm only little tired like a fruitfly."



Grace said...

I think, by the time Boo is ten, you will have a book! Fruit fly! lol He is SO bright!

Ansley said...

Goodness- I am tired like an elephant!

What a cutie!