Wussy Snow

I've always lived in places where it snowed. Except for a short stint in San Jose, where I felt like an outer space alien. It's important to specify what kind of alien when referencing California. If I'm going to be scorned, I want to be deported for the right reasons. (Oops, my political slip is showing.)

I grew up mostly in central Pennsylvania, where it SNOWS. I mean SNOW. Not namby-pamby snow. Snow when it's cold. Snow that is deep. Snow that gets packed on the streets. Snow that defies salt, truck blades and wheels. Snow that stays. In my home town, it is not uncommon to wake up to this:

Sure, in January. But sometimes in March. And one year, in April. OK, so it's not Minnesota or Idaho, but I'm used to, and long for, real snow. I now live in balmy southeastern Pennsylvania (you can beg to differ, Musings,) where the snow tends to dust or sprinkle, on the flaky side. Yesterday, here in PA, (yes, we really call our state "P-A") we got some snow. I overheard people worrying about getting to work, having enough groceries and whether such-and-such event would be canceled. So here's the "snow:"

You Mid-westerners and Canadians can stop laughing now. My sarcasm notwithstanding, I love where we live. I love this small town. I love our house. I love our life. Fortunately, the men in my life don't care about my view of snow. They don't do sarcasm. They just have a great time. My cheerful, happy, run-about son - I am so glad you are in my life. And Handsome Husband, you are my Sunshine.



AmyP said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! I grew up with lots of snow (in KC, though they don't get nearly as much now) and it just doesn't seem like winter without lots and lots of snow. Snow that is deep. Snow that stays for a long time. And gets more snow piled on top. Snow you can bury your siblings in or build an igloo with. Poor Chae will only get that sort of snow if we drive to the mountain. Then again, in a city with about 5 snow plows that refuses to salt the roads, maybe it's best that our weather is primarily rain.

blackbelt_oma said...

Yes! Snow that gets inside your snow boots! I thought I'd never say this, but snow that stays so long it gets grey with dirt and stays in mall parking lots until Spring!!

Your comment is better than my entire post!

mamawhelming said...

I never saw real snow 'till we moved to central P-A. I remember one of the big blizzards, when everything was closed and covered in deep snow, except for a path that had been plowed to the liquor store in a strip mall on Plank Road, near the Gine Iggle.

Margie G. said...

I completely agree...I also live in PA (I'm a Philly Mom Blogger but haven't been too active - hi!)and I hate how the weather people always try to instill fear when there's any inkling of snow!

Lora said...

I grew up in Erie and now I live in Philly. It is HILARIOUS to me what people consider a snow emergency!