Happy New Year!

Sae hae-eh bok mahnee badusayo!
May you be much blessed this new year!
So say Koreans at Seol-nal, Lunar New Year. Today, January 26, 2009 is Lunar calendar year 4706, Year of the Ox. It would traditionally involve ancestral rites, like serving food at an alter and bowing at the tombs, but Koreans are now more than 50% Christian and would more likely be at church.

I have heard it is the biggest holiday of the year with store promotions, fireworks, displays, eating special foods and visiting family. We used to dress is traditional wear, visit our grandparents, bow to them and receive money! The younger you are, the more you have to bow, but the more money you could get!

We eat dumpling soup with rice cake, which symbolizes prosperity.

We do turkey at Thanksgiving, the tree at Christmas, but we do none of these things. Wait . . . I am not one for new year's resolutions, but here's one I will keep:
I resolve to start this tradition in our household to continue my son's and my heritage.
You never know what you'll learn while blogging.

Soup photo courtesy of aeriskitchen

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Third Mom said...

Sae hae-eh bok mahnee badusayo! back atya!!

Our group down here is celebrating with a big celebration on February 7th - a little late, but that's OK, that weekend has sort of become the weekend we celebrate on no matter when New Year falls. I'm looking forward to it!