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I love animal print.

In the right proportions to the garment and to my body.
In a good colorway - meaning subtle variations of tone and nothing in garish colors.
In the right amounts - one item at a time.

Animal print seems to come and go. These days, it seems to have come back. It's a "go."

I like prints that are relatively small. I mostly have leopard-like prints, but I'd go for a zebra if I could find one at the right scale. I don't want a shirt or pants (gag!) that are life-size stripes! As for the leopard prints, I prefer a color palette that has browns and black. That gives me the flexibility to pair it with either browns, tans or black.

Necklace made especially for me by artist Jessica Buchtel. Velvet scarf (and gloves) by Ann Taylor.
I think animal print shoes should be very conservative in style. That avoids the Laverne (by Cher) trap. I mean unless you're going for the Gwen Stefani look. My flats are by Steve Madden. Mine, I love. The current versions I think are tacky.

This great tunic top is by Newport News. This is not a brand I go to but I love the multi-scale print and the subtleties of the tans, browns and black. It creates an illusion that is thinning on me. I was surprised by the selection of really great animal prints on their website: a coat, a towering wedge, flats, a denim jacket! even a beach cover-up.

At this small scale, this print fits my criteria. This is my most causal piece that I throw on with jeans at home or to the grocery store.

The black & gray sweater is my current fave. I already wrote about it here. It is actually not a sweater at all but a cotton knit. By Rafaella.

I like to keep to one animal print per outfit. I don't combine my ballet flats with a scarf. Or even an animal print necklace with an animal print earring.

It's a simple way to add pizzazz!


Anonymous said...

Your son is adorable.

Julie said...

Love love love animal prints. I love leopard the most. Everyone teased me unmercifully when I sewed a new car seat cover for Sarah's car seat before she came home. I told them that I was not happy with just the plain blue cover. If I had to drive a tan minivan it was going to be in style with a leopard car seat. After that no one even flinched when I got a cow print one for Emily. I'd have preferred zebra but my sewing at that time was no existent so I took what I could buy.

Haley said...

I wish I could wear animal prints. The best I can do is shoes...all the rest just looks tacky on me...Im too darn white. My friends Sicilian mother wears leapard print a lot and it looks fantastic on her. My red-headed aunt wears all different animal prints and she can pull all of them off...I end up looking like a cave woman, no matter how hard I try. Love the ballet flats...need to go get me a pair!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a leopard print bathrobe at Dillards that I want for Christmas! I have very different conflicting tastes. I like to stand out and like animal prints for that very reason but I also really love totally understated. I have a solid black jumper from Ann Taylor that I love to wear a simple white shirt under w/black boots. It's very 'less is more' but looks great. Weird...I've never been able to fit in any one fashion category!

You look great in your animal prints Grace! Christine