Blackbelt - grrrrowl!

I love Ann Taylor.
See Ann Taylor.
See her animal print.
Run, animal print, run.
Run - ninety dollars -
right onto your credit card statement.

See Blackbelt.
With her ten dollar sweater.
I know. You're getting the two pictures mixed-up.


mamawhelming.wordpress.com said...

Good one. I was going to start looking at a certain overpriced kids' clothing catalog from Europe and trying to match the styles for lower prices at Children's Place or Old Navy. What I soon realized is that Children's Place and Old Navy clothes are cuter than the pricier ones anyway.

mamawhelming said...

Oops! Messed up the name and link thing!

Julie said...

You made me actually LOL with the "I know. You're getting the two pictures mixed-up." comment.

Anonymous said...

Grace- you are a riot! I loved this post! I also love Ann Taylor and am restraining from buying anything until I pay off the $300 that I owe on my statement! Love the sweater and you look great. Btw...where did you get that nice sweater for $10.00? Christine