Not Ready Yet

Boo started second grade today. He has had an exemplary attitude. But it all became too real last night. He knew if he went to sleep, it would be tomorrow: Second Grade.

He brushed his teeth and washed his face. Daddy read him a story and prayed. He was snuggling with dad when silently, he turns away from him and begins to weep. Mommy is called in for reinforcements. It's nice to know, that even at the ripe old age of seven, he still needs mommy's soft hugs.

"What makes you scared, honey?" He weeps into my chest and warbles, "I'm not ready for times tables!"

I think God may see our troubles the way I see Boo's: knowing I will be there for him, to help him, assure him, hold and comfort him - with my heart a mixture of love and empathy and tickles.


Haley said...

How adorable. I am sure he will make it through the trials of times tables with such great, supportive parents. Kids are so adorable.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ohhh... poor little guy! (And sounds like it's time for a little Schoolhouse Rock... though only if he's learning times tables in English. Is he?)

Lora said...

I remember being afraid of fractions, so I feel his pain.

And seventh grade math. I just didn't understand how they could expect a 12 year old to get all that.

But I turned out okay. I think. And I'm quite certain Boo will too.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I'm not ready for times tables either. Heh. I love your verbs - warbles. That's awesome.

mamawhelming said...

Just don't let him look ahead in his math workbook. I did that in second grade, wondered how I could ever learn that complicated stuff toward the end of the book, and that's where the math anxiety started. ... Cute little Boo story!

rosemary said...

Bless his heart - I hated school like that. From the very first second of kindergarten. My mother claims I used to hang on to the bumper and cry, "Don't leave me here." in the drop off line - but I'm sure she is being dramatic about that. I did very well and had many friends though. I just couldn't stand being cooped up like that. Poor Boo!