in my head.
You wouldn't think homework for a second grader would whoop me. With my genius iq 'n all. Ha. But it has. My head and heart are full. It should be blogged up. But instead I'm clogged up. Ha. I'm full of myself today. Maybe cuz I haven't had my coffee yet.

Oh and I'm out of that funk. I think it's just hormones. You know that stuff that's been totally whacked out for 90% of us women and makes us suffer for 3 weeks out of 4 but nobody has wanted to help us because after all we're just hysterical and naggy and irrational and it's just the way we are and not a result of all the crap in the world that messes up our innards? I'm glad to be out of that funk. At least until the next time. Which is like in a week.

Hang in there with me. More profundity to come.


Lora said...

I've been thinking about you lately, but have sort of been living like a hermit at the same time.

And you used one of my all time favorite lines, the one about being hysterical.

"oh, doctor, I can't possibly be medically ill. Anyone of your standing just knows that we ladies tend to get a bit hysterical from time to time".

blackbelt said...

HYESTERics: Greek hysterikós, suffering in the womb, hysterical (reflecting the Greeks' belief that hysteria was peculiar to women and caused by disturbances in the uterus)

You know we crazy womyn.

mamawhelming said...

Rather than those level-headed men, with their fists and weapons. Glad you're outta the funk.

Margie said...

Will hang in there for sure. I've got plenty of catching up to do, so take your time.

And as for the hormones? Just wait until menopause. Heh.

Amy said...

In college I became uncomfortably suspicious that all the things I became cranky about under the influence of hormones were actually things I should be cranky about, but at other, less hormonal times, my senses were dulled and I just ignored things. I suspected that the hormonal state was branded as negative by a patriarchal society but was actually very beneficial to me because it was one of the few times when I set and enforced boundaries that I often needed to anyway. I'm in a real hurry and can't fully express myself but I hope you get it.