Black nor White

Black and White.

A friend wishes all things were objective. I'm not sure what her brief facebook comment was about, but it might have something to do with wanting things to be either/or. Black or white. Her friend then commented:
". . . all human beings want a clear goal to work toward not some mushy middle ground that you have no way of knowing if you have achieved! Aren't we blessed to have a God who has a clear plan for us and reveals it to us!"

Objective. Clear. Black. White.

If you've gone to a paint store to get a can of white - whoooa! not so easy, right? If you've ever tried to wear a black shirt with black pants, you quickly realize the blacks don't match. How can that be?? White is white; black is black. Isn't it?

Pearl White
Luminescent White
Antique White
Pure White
White Flour
Rice paper
Snow bound

Toucan Black
Baby Seal Black
Space Black
Jet Black
Black Iron
Black Bean
Night Black

Is God the only One who can truly be and see Black and White? Perhaps we human beings, with all our failings and baggage and self-centeredness can really only see black and white from a distance, and easily call it such. But as we approach the ends of objectiveness, can we really be so clear and simple and finite as we think?

If we got in the sparkling light of pure white, would we know we were fully immersed? Or if we were enveloped in a night darker than black, would we know we were fully enclosed? Can only the Ultimate Being speak "Black" and know the richness and fullness of it? Can only the Great Amen know White in its pure, final light? We are to reach for Black because there is a Black. We are to seek White because there is White.
I contend that all the colors in between are not a justification for Relativism, because indeed, there is a Black and there is a White. If we choose to say we want black or white, are we missing all the beauty in between? Are black and white goals that we look to while on our path of sanctification? Does God give us this prismatic refractory to show us the complexities and fullness of his Infinite character?

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