Blackbelt in Silk

I haven't shown my blackbelt prowess recently. I know. You've been disappointed. How about this ultracoolhipsoftsilk card holder??

So. Cool. I can'tstandit!
Now I have to get some cards.


Haley said...

Gorgeous! I want one! Your blackbelt powers impress me.

Julie said...

That's beautiful. Get some mommy cards off of Etsy. They have some amazing letterpress ones. I have mommy cards but they don't have my kid's names on them. They have my phone numbers and email address. I love them. They are way better than writing the info on the back of your grocery receipt. Now I need a cool case like yours.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I WANT THAT!!! Where can I get one?

Grace said...

Me too, me too! Maybe you should market them. I think you'd make a bundle.