Gay Pride

I am savoring this last week of summer vacation. It's been unseasonably, unreasonably cool. We went to the Zoo last week and the Aquarium yesterday.

My son loves the Teletubbies. Do you remember the bruhaha over them?? Some TV guy even accused these TOYS of being gay. Like what toddler has not walked around with their mom's purse? Not to mention all those hunkly European men who carry what American men pejoratively call "purses."

Boo wanted his Teletubbies to see the Aquarium. He wanted to take Tinky La-la. Or whatever the green one is called. I really did NOT want to end up carrying it around. Cuz you know, us moms are trash cans/tissues/shopping carts all rolled into one. I tried to tactfully get him to leave it in the car without success.

I finally tried a tacky tact. "Kids will make fun of you," I said.
I'm proud to say his response was, "I can handle it, mom."
I would have cried if I had been in the moment.


Julie said...

Hooray for Boo! That is what we should all strive for. Be who you are and let the others deal.

Ansley said...


Grace said...

Wow, that is a stunning statement from Boo. Would that we adults could handle it as boldly!