Different Gifts

I've been so worried about Boo.  He's not doing well in 2nd grade.  Despite the fact that I believe teacher is unnecessarily difficult, I am still concerned about his abilities.  Well, Boo has an adorable little classmate named Z.  We are friends with her parents and have socialized on occasion.  Z's mother sent me a note and mentioned this at the end:

"Oh, btw, Z told me last night that "all the girls in my class want to marry (Boo.)"
Awwww...what a little loverboy. Girls, stay away, he's ours!"

I'll take it!


Amy said...

Woo hoo! Academic prowess is highly overrated in my opinion! And it never hurts to have your pick of future mates : )

mamawhelming said...

How can he concentrate on academics with all those little girls batting their eyelashes at him? Not to mention, he's already a fabulous engineer/architect/builder.