If I could, I'd sing. I'd stand on that stage, belt out a song.  Without a frizzled nerve.  If I could sing like this:


or this: (Sorry for the visuals. This is the only one of this song I could embed.)

Kathy Mattea

or this:

Linda Ronstadt

If I could sing, that is.


Amy said...

I always feel cheesy for tearing up when I hear "Alone"- but you hit it on the head, it's the singing that gets me. And I remember being really, really young and hearing Linda R. and realizing that was special singing. Sweet belting- it's unusual. Unlike all the shouty vocal gymnastics you hear so often.

I bet you DO sing like that at home! Ever? I do!

AmyP said...

If I could change my talents, I'd be able to sing! My tone deafness doesn't stop me from singing around the house or in the car. But sometimes it does mean that Chae tells me I'm doing it wrong. He can sing. =)