Hang Gliding

I sent Boo to camp at a local Christian church. The theme was Surfing. The set-up was fabulous. You could tell that these folks were committed and hard-working. The verse for the first day was "Be Obedient."

The video prepared by the denomination showed a surfer dude teaching the kids to be on a surf board. "Walk forward - balance - jump! Walk backward - balance - good...now jump! Obey your body!" The video continues...gliding right over that phrase. Stop. Think.

Obey your body?? Wait! I thought this was about Obeying Jesus. At the very least Obeying God. Obey your body? What if it wants to steal or kill?

Another day, the catch phrase was "Free to Believe." Free to believe...what?? Never was that sentence completed.

If I sent Boo to a synogogue for a program, I would expect him to learn the heart and core of Judaism. If I sent Boo to a madrasa, I'd expect him to learn a thing or two about the Ko'ran. I wouldn't be offended. Would a Jew be afraid to teach their beliefs? Would a Muslim fear to speak of the Ka'aba? I don't think so. Why are we then, as Christians, so willing to accept watered down beliefs? Why are we taking Christ out of Christian?

I thought the theme was Surfing, you know, the water sport. But they must have meant Surfing as in: don't dig in. . . don't immerse. . .just glide over for a superficial view.

"because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth." - Revelations 3:16


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