In our circles, we talk about life-style converting. Don't talk too much, don't brag. Just show people how your life has changed. And they may see the better way because of your conviction.

Today is Friday. If it isn't your thing, you may not realize that it starts on Fridays. Sometimes even Thursdays. The official day is Saturday of course, but I'm sad to say I see more and more on Sundays.

Today, my 6 year old son made his professioin to me, unprompted:

"I love going to yard sales with my mom!"

Just so you know, Blackbelt strikes again. This is a brand new cotton sweater from Nordstrom I got at a thrift store yesterday. For $3.85. The Ralph Lauren shirt (for $1.75) and khakis are from thrifts stores, too. You know, cuz spending $50 on kids' clothes is SO worth it, when they wear it 3 times or get a juice stain on it, or have a growth spurt. Ok, you can roll your eyes back to the front of your head now. Won't my Boo look adorable going to church in this?? Check it out:



AmyP said...

Very cute, and fantastic finds, but won't he protest the lack of a tie?

Musings of a Housewife said...

You RAWK!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Love it! My son is 4 and he adores yard sailing with me. On Saturday mornings we don't go he pretends to have one at home. I am not kidding. He used to pretend to be Spiderman or a railroad engineer. Now he pretends to be frugal.

They say the apple doesn't fall...LOL