My Man HH

This is a peek into my husband's nature.
He comes home late, after a couple of serious meetings. He is a morning person; conversely, not a night person.
I ask him to hold Boo's note to him so I can take a picture. He doesn't ask why. He knows. He knows about my little blog. But my camera isn't focusing right. After several attempts, disappointment overcomes me and I give up. Within a minute though, I figure out what's wrong. I go to find him, who by now has set himself in front of the telly. I say, "I've got it! Come to the vestibule again!"

Without a word, a look or a grunt, nary a roll of the eyes. . . he came to the vestibule so I could take a picture for this little blog.

How could I not love this man?


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AmyP said...

Isn't it nice that people like us have husbands like them? =) Can you imagine the situation in reverse? At the very least I'd be groaning, "You have got to be kidding me!"