The Serenity Award Goes to...

Not me.

Boo has had a tough coupla weeks, what with harabuji and halmuni invading our space an' all. He did great for what I expected from him, but still, it was hard to go from a family of 3 to a family of 5. With one who couldn't communicate with him.

Almost instantly from the time I put my parents on the plane, Boo became his ol' self. We've had a great coupla days, but a tired 6 year old is still a tired 6 year old. And a tired mom is still a tired mom.

So the Boo got a little defiant last night, not wanting mommy's help in the bath. And what did he do? HE LOCKED THE DOOR! Which for some reason infuriated me. BANG! BANG! BANG! OPEN THIS DOOR! I said as the model of serenity. Ahem. And when he did, WHACK right on his soft little tush. You know, as a reward for obeying me right away. [You got the sarcasm, right??]

You know the look...the tears welled up in his eyes, the lower lips started to shake...and I felt like the worst mom...no, human being on this whole earth.

He climbs into my arms and immediately whispers in my ear, "Mom, do you still love me?"



AmyP said...

Oh, what a crappy night. I'm sure you felt awful. On the other hand, it says a LOT that he was willing to ask the question. If he really doubted your love he'd have been far too terrified to ask.

blackbelt_oma said...

You are right AmyP to point out that his response to me was wonderful. The immediate remorse, wanting comfort from me, saying what is on his mind. Yeah!