Oh Her!

I don't know about your kids, but Boo can remember some things, like the color and location of all elevators he's ever seen, but can't seem to remember anything about school one second after he gets out.

I asked him if he knew a little girl in another class named Nora. Now mind you, he goes to a very small private school. And I'm sure there aren't a dozen little Noras flitting about. Of course he says, "No."

Me: "Her name is Nora. She's a little girl in (his good friend) M's class."

Boo: "No." (Blank look on face.)

Me: "Nora. She's in Miss S's Kindergarten class."

Boo: (More of the blank look.)

Now maybe, he was too busy building his Lego fire house. Maybe he was preoccupied listenng to the Teletubbies. It's funny, (or not) but already, he acts like and responds like a husband. You know, he can repeat back to you everything that you said, but you know he didn't really hear you? A little man.

I don't even remember what happened next. Suddenly, it's all "She told me I'm going to her house on Saturday. I saw her at recess. She came when I was getting on the swing. She says she has two areas in her house with toys, a play room and her bedroom."

Is it something I said?!?

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