Promises, Promises

I just want you to know I really did go to the gym.

I've belonged to gyms all my adult life. I used to poo-poo these 'all women' places as being for prisses. I'm not sure what turned me around, but I love my Curves! If you've worked out at those other testosterone-laden places, you'll know what I mean:

  1. I do not have to check if my lipstick is on straight.
  2. I do not have to go to a big old locker room and dress/undress with 20 sweaty people.
  3. I do not have to be concerned about my workout "outfit."
  4. I do not have to listen to Mr. Size 18 Neck grunt and groan.
  5. I do not have to watch a too-thin flirt flirt with said Mr Neck.
  6. I do not have to readjust the weights from 300 lbs down to, like, 80.
  7. And best of all. . . I do not have to wipe the equipment off after Mr Neck gets done. . . bleagh!!

Curves. It's workin' for me.


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