God gives us glimpses of Who He Is in ordinary ways. Certainly, God gave us the Word and the Spirit. But when we marry, and "two shall become one," we get a glimpse of the trinity, by experiencing the joining of two separate beings into one unit. When we have a child, we see how separate lives join together to form a family.

God has blessed women with the ability to "beget" within herself another being. In this gift, we get another glimpse into His Being. Though I have heard mothers say that the baby can seem like a stranger, surely the baby knows no such strangeness. He knows only to Be with her. He is no Id, no Ego, without her. In fact, he doesn't even know of "her," but merely Is.

In this cruel world of ours, sometimes that little being is torn away. In this civilized world, we do something called "adoption." Adoption is a wonderful thing, but were it not for the series of bad choices, or sequence of evils, it would not be necessary. But this "adoption," is surely grace from God to salve the wound of the tear.*

That little being doesn't need to learn to bond with his mother. In his mind, in his very being, he IS her. But my son, who was torn away three times, needed to learn to bond to me. We are now wonderfully bonded, but the scars are there, and I have to consider sometimes whether his stitches are tearing. We paid a painful price to get where we are, but like a birthing, we tore through the pain, and now he lays in my arms and heart as my son. More importantly, I lay in his heart as his mother.

Just as my son was torn from his earthly mother, we were torn from our Heavenly Father at the Fall. In His mercy, He provided a way for us to be adopted; adopted heirs to His Kingdom. How glorious! How amazing! He has created a way that allows us to re-create the bond to Him that was broken in the Fall. But not without a painful price. Blessedly, that painful price was paid by Jesus.

How painful it was for God to lose fellowship with Adam and Eve. But God longs to bond to us. To have the oneness, the connectedness that He had with Adam and Eve. In paradise. So, He went through the pain of wrenching His Son from Himself, to pay the price for our adoption. Does He live in your heart as your Father?
*pun intended

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Beautiful, Grace. Christine xoxo