The Lighter Side of Me

Sometimes I wonder if you think I carry around a Bible, New Yorker and the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders under my arm while drinking double-shot lattes. I should be carrying around a Bible to read it every chance I get. I wish I had the patience to read the New Yorker. I hope the APA's DSM becomes better. And I drink decaf. From Dunkin Donuts.

So, here are some other parts of me:

I love watching American Idol. Because secretly, I wish I were a performer. A smart, serious performer like Mary Chapin Carpenter. I wish I could stand on a stage a belt out a few. Which I cannot. I mean, atleast in a way that anyone would want to listen.

As you may have gathered from various things I've blogged about, I am on "this" side of 35. I subscribe to More magazine. It covers some of the frivolous issues that, let's say, Glamour does, but tend to be a notch more serious. They also feature real-life women, whether they are in the beauty industry or not. The women they feature do seem to have super-human qualities, no wrinkles and no cellulite. But honestly, they seem to do it to encourage us older women to take chances, be vital and live life to its fullest. The clothing is more upscale, modest and elegant. The articles more interesting and less appearance-obsessed than the other fashion mags.

I also stumbled upon She's Got the Look late one night on TVLand. It's America's Next Top Model for the over-35. The judges are serious and seem to understand which gender they are. The host, Kim Alexis (who happens to be a Christian, by the way) is to the point, not needing attention-grabbing drama. Even the Models' House drama is less catty and childish. You can watch all the episode in their entirety if you go on the website. These women really have a story to tell.

There you have it, the rest of the story. Sort of.


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