Thursday Thirteen - Patriotic Edition

I'm not a meme kinda girl, but I thought These are the Days had a good idea: to actually think through what I love about the U.S.

1. Handicap accessibility
2. Religious freedom
3. Multi-culturalism (meaning race, religion and culture)
4. Judeo-Christian ethics (it's still there. . . somewhere!)
5. Huge land mass (you're never wanting for places to go!)
6. The entrepreneurial spirit that results in great inventions and research
7. Individual freedom
8. The general idea that racism is wrong
9. Great healthcare
10. Innocent until proven guilty
11. Freedom of Speech
12. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech
13. That Hillary and Obama are presidential candidates . . . finally.

As I was listing things, I realized some of the best things about us can also be the worst in us. Hmmm. . . another blog topic!



Jenn said...

I agree with everthing in your thursday thirteen!

Classy Mommy said...

excellent list. i also love how it is totally different than sarah's but at the core both get to what is so beautiful about the US. often folks focus on the negatives but it is important to think about all these amazing positives you shared! if only i had the time or energy to do this meme!

Sarah said...

Thanx for playing!

Stace said...

This is a great list! It really shows the fundamentals of what America was based on. Thanks so much for sharing :-D