I've been keeping something from you.

HH and I graduated from the same high school. That's not the part I was keeping from "youns." [Yes, they really say that.] What I've been keeping from you, is that we went to our high school reunion several weeks ago.

I had an absolutely fabulous time. So, naval-gazer that I can be, I was wondering why I did. First of all, our graduating class had 1,014. Yeah, you read that right. My older brothers had even more - 1,200 I think.

The evening before the big event, 4 of us good friends got together to catch up. We have known
each other since we were 11 years old. Un. Be. Lievable. Enjoying that part of it is totally understandable. But I had great fun the next evening too, when there were over 200 of us. I was hugging and greeting people like we were long-lost best friends, when in fact, we were passing acquaintences or casual friends. We might have been in a class together, or a club or committee. In a class of over 1,000 and a school of over 3,000.

Am I that sentimental? No. Am I so superficial? Did I want to spite anyone? Were the popular girls now chubby so I could gloat? No, no and no. It's going back to some of the most awkward and insecure years of your life, but going back as a more mature and secure person. It's like Peggy Sue Got Married - Peggy Sue (played by Kathleen Turner) faints at her high school reunion and wakes up to her high school self with her high school steady (Nicholas Cage.) I got to do it over again too, in a way. Would I want to go back to being 17 again? NO. WAY. Should I make that clearer? Not that it was so terrible for me. In fact, I really liked high school. But I was in my adolescence and all the stuff that happens then was happening to me. But for a little bit, I could be the former me from back then without the teenage angst.

Which reunion was it? That part, I'll continue to keep from you. The number is big enough to frighten me. ;-)


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Jenn said...

To funny I have avoided the whole reunion thing. High school was fine I was middle of the road . I was in a class of 132 I think. LOL okay it was a counry high school a lot were vo-tech so I did not know them, others were returning moms after the kids... Some were just normal but it was far less than 132. I can not imagine a graduating class so big.