To Every Parent of Young Children

PLEASE READ THIS. It is so important, that I am posting this before I've had my morning coffee! (Even my 6 year old knows not to ask mommy anything before!)

It is an interview with famous pediatrician and author Dr. Sears. He has written a book called The Vaccine Book, Making the Right Decision for Your Child. I bet very soon, your local library will have it. . . or should.

This is a balanced, well-researched book which suggests there is a better way to administer vaccines so risks are reduced for our child. Each vaccine carries great help but also potential problems. . . as with most things. He's saying that grouping them my be overloading your baby's sytem and create a highter possibility of something going wrong.

I've always felt that when manufacturers say "it's safe," they are talking about their product only, whether they are pharmaceuticals or household products. What about their product within the context of everything else that we, and our children are exposed to? [pan coatings, clothing and shoe waterproofing, air freshners, fire retardent treatment, laundry bleach, insecticides on our food, toxic ingredients in our beauty products, etc.] That is a big fat NOPE. No consideration there. So when a pharmie says "this vaccine is safe," are they are saying it is considered "safe" when given independently on a perfectly healthy child? OK, y'all get where I'm going with this, right?

Edited Note: It is my understanding that contrary to what Dr. Sears says, there is still mercury in the vaccines. The government does not require disclosure in certain cases.

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Jenn said...

This has been a big discussion in my playgroup. I have not gotten to read the book yet but am planning to.Thanks for posting this important infomation.