The three of us decided to go out to dinner Saturday night. Yearning for Korean food, we drove the 40 minutes to the nearest place. We are seated in an empty section of the restaurant. A few minutes later, another family, who also seems to have an Only, is seated right next to us. This Only was a little girl about 9 years old. which I believe is old enough to have learned some manners.

In the middle of our meal, I hear a conversation like this:

Dad: Get your finger out of your mouth.
[Only Girl apparently complies. ]
Dad: Ugh, I'm not going to eat that after you stuck your finger in it!
OG: Why not?
Dad: You stuck your finger in your mouth then stuck it in there! Learn to use a tissue! Don't wipe it on my shirt!

Then, several minutes later, I hear this:

OG: Ewwwwwwwww!! Gross!
Dad: I cut the top off! What's the problem?
OG: Ewwwww!

OK, is this really inappropriate? First is the DAD totally gross and is the OG totally spoiled?? Maybe it's because I have a totally different perspective on food. I actually believe it's to nourish us and that we should be grateful for it. We, none of us in our entire extended family (on my side) would EVER say "Ewwwwwwww" about food. A dead skunk in your front yard, Ewww. Food? Never.

You don't like the dish, fine. Don't eat it. Save us the drama. And the total lack of appreciation that we are completely and totally blessed to have all sorts of wonderful foods available to us, everywhere, at anytime. Did you ever watch those Feed the Children ads where they are spooning out gruel? and how the children are clammering for it? I know, this sounds like the "there are starving children in India" comment your mom made to you. Well, you know, there ARE starving children in India. Your eating or not eating your dinner won't help those children, but you can show some appreciation that you're not starving.



Anonymous said...

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i don't know what to say about the behaviour of that family . . . the first thought i had was: the OG learned that kind of behaviour from her parents. but the second thought i had was: that's what wrong with youth today in general. kids getting their way, mistreating/disrepecting their elders/adults in general, etc. i would have NEVER dreamed of saying such things when i was growing up . . . (great now i sound like my mother!) =/

Cheryl Lage said...

Like you, I find the whole discourse between the Dad and his OG reprehensible. Beyond the wasteful "eeeewww" attitude twoard the meal served, it seems to me they view each other as peers. [*Insert incorrect answer on a game show buzzer noise here.]

Mutual respect doesn't equal "same level." I'm with Angie. Optimism prevailing, I'm hoping that the numbers of us who see this parenting as "flawed" are growing.

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