Theology with the Boo

We're drinking a new juice called "Paradise Blend."

Boo: Oma, what is Pawadise?
Oma: It's another word for Heaven.


Boo: Will we see Adam and Eve theh?
Oma: Yes! We will!

Boo: But not the wicked snake, wight?
Oma: Right.


Boo: Oma, what is the "Lake of Fire?"
Oma is stalling for time. This is not a phrase we banty about in our reformed household. How to be truthful and gentle. . . truthful and gentle.
Oma: Ummm, it's where you'll never see Jesus ever again.


Boo: Are they happy theh or what?
Oma: No, they are very sad and unhappy because they will never, ever see God.
Boo: Mmm! I like this juice!


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hi, 1st time here coming over from It's almost naptime ... loved your cute posts.