Behind the Times

There were jingles, buzzes, dings and blips all day long.  

At my brother's house, every outlet had at least two adaptors, like so many black slithery snakes with silver tails.  There are at least two laptops sitting in the dining room and another one floating around the house somewhere else.  There's a couple of Razrs, a Blackberry, a Tilt, and landlines.  My one niece is on FaceBook, then picks up her phone to answer a text, gets back on the computer for a couple of IMs, intermittently answering my questions and talking to her mom.  All without missing a beat.

My other niece was studying for a test, you know, the old fashioned way, with a paper textbook and taking notes in long hand.  She was looking up sneakers on the web, checking out the latest fashion at MetroPark and texting some friends to make arrangements to see "Twilight."  This it not mentioning the "computer" room that has two flat-screen computers that aren't in use anymore because they're "too slow."

Oh, and somewhere in between there, the younger one upstairs called her older sister on the cell, who was texting/googling/talking live downstairs. 

I have to admit that HH and I are still in the 90's technologically speaking.  I just got a flat screen and a dvd player just about two months ago.  It's an interesting view from behind, looking ahead to today.


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Grace said...

It's much like that in our family as well...probably in all families now. The last 10 years have so radically changed our society, and, I must confess, I have mixed feelings about it. Admittedly, it's a lot of fun. But, it sometimes feels like all this tech stuff has taken our children away from us, has infiltrated family life, splintered togetherness. When I say "us" I mean families in general. I'm very thankful for the emphasis we put on reading, when our boys were growing up. Still, I am SO thankful for my cell phone. It's a tool we use often for instant prayer needs.