Big Yearly Sigh

I always breathe a sigh of relief the day after Halloween. No more goblin displays at the stores. No more scary ads and movies on TV. Each year I wonder if this is the year Boo will realize that everybody else does something different. Because, we don't "do" Halloween. Or Santa. No bunnies leave trails of plastic grass and no fairies drop coins on beds.

Kill joy?
Stick in the mud?

It's just that I think the TRUTH is so much more interesting and fascinating to me than the made-up stuff. This made-up American stuff. That Jesus is victorious over evil even now. That God came down in the form of a baby. That He died on the cross, was laid in the tomb . . . but, but, was He there? NO! He is risen! And when Boo lost his first baby tooth, we talked about how God made our bodies to heal itself and grow newer and bigger.

Isn't that Amazing Grace?


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Musings of a Housewife said...

Yes it is! :-) We participate in the cultural aspects of the holidays. But I agree. The truth is so much more exciting.