Power of Positive Thinking, Part 2

My friend over at Musings of a Housewife wrote a terrific essay about a "God-Attitude," something I've been thinking about, too.

A God-Attitude; different than a good-attitude. And it seems to me this is where Norman Vincent Peale went off course. What a terrific, revolutionary idea to help those struggling on the path of righteousness! To help unburden the old baggage and heal the wounds! But. Jungian, Freudian, whateverarian are NOT Christ-ian. Having a God-Attitude goes to the Source - changed, reborn, new, alive, cleansed. Having a good-attitude is just struggling in the same muck. Don't get me wrong, I believe strongly that therapy can help you find your way. Just as a friend or pastor or mom or dad can help you find your way, a therapist can be a trusted guide, helping you see the lighted path.

Instead of therapy being a tool, therapy became a dilutant of the pure milk. The Power of Positive Thinking lost The Power from The Positive Thinker.

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