A Matter of Choice

It may have been easy for you to decide who to vote for, but not for me. I am still struggling with my decision. Here are two incredible men - either would do our country proud - and I am grateful for that. There have been other presidential elections when I felt it was the "lesser of two evils" kinda choice. There have been years I have cringed to see our president on the world stage.

Obama, whose ideals in many arenas I passionately embrace, a catapaulting symbol. A Christian man, to boot. But who sees abortion as a "choice."
McCain, who is the only Republican I'd ever vote for, who is against abortion. But. Who seems to have withered a bit over the years. I wish he had become president 8 years ago, in his prime. And then his VP "choice," a sad choice.

Do I swallow a bitter pill or throw the baby out with the bath water??

I will head to the polls in an hour, praying all the while, glad that He is in charge of all things.


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Anonymous said...

I think that God might have said to you, "Grace, I am complex and stand for more than one thing. I am more than one issue I am more than a single thing. I am the way, the truth and the light. I am many things."

Now who did you vote for?