Forever Mom

Boo has been having some behavior "issues" lately. OK, he's been bad. Ba-aad to the bone. So I was splainin that he's not 4 anymore; that he's six and a half and should act like it. "Boo, in six months, you'll be seven!"

After a moment's pause, he said "When I'm seven, will you still be my mom?"



Grace said...

What a poignant question. How that must have tugged at your heart! I wonder if we do that with God..."Will you still be my Father...?"

blackbelt_oma said...

I think we do...all the time. We doubt His commitment to us. Because, separated by sin, we are His adopted heirs.

I don't think a birthed child would even think to ask that. But Boo, not having the primal connection to me, asks me that as an adopted heir.

Ansley said...

I hope you told him 'yes'. :)

Third Mom said...

One of the hardest things for me about adoptive parenting is living with the knowledge that adoption can create such fear in my children. I hope that saying "yes" over and over and over helps soften the fear a bit, but I know we can never erase it altogether.

I think all we can do is keep loving them. Gosh knows from what I've read here, you love Boo with every fiber of your being!