Gobble the Claw

As I think about driving to New England for Thanksgiving, I realize how much I like this holiday. As an immigrant family, we had to first decipher, then get used to the customs of this land:
  • Jesus rose from the dead, so eat chocolate. And put tacky decorations in your yard.
  • It's Jesus birthday, so kill a tree. And put tacky decorations in your yard.
  • Wear disgusting costumes in October and beg for candy door to door. And put tacky decorations in your yard.
OK, that was meant to be funny. But you can see it from a foreigner's point of view, can't you?

My mother tried her best. She really did. She was a terrific, creative cook and a wonderful host. For Thanksgiving, she made all sorts of wonderful stuffings (dressings) for the turkey. She dutifully adopted the custom of rising early in the morning, and going through all the motions of creating an American holiday for us all.

I remember when I was in college, my older brothers driving long distances to get home. We were laying around talking and one of us, I don't remember who, said, "You know, I don't really like turkey."


It was like a dam broke.
"OH MY GOSH! I don't LIKE TURKEY EITHER!!" My poor mom. I think back all these years later and wonder how she felt. Not that we hate it, but you know, it's kinda dry and flavorless, back then before oven bags and learning about deep-frying. So, we always lunged for the dark meat. Then somehow, we came up with the idea of having lobster instead. Fortunately, one of my brothers lived in the Boston area, and for several years after that, we had lobster for Thanksgiving.

So in honor of our family, this is what Boo will wear this Thursday for our Thanksgiving meal.

Of turkey. Cuz, you know, what's Thanksgiving without turkey?

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Grace said...

Had to click on the photo to get a close-up view of those lobsters. lol Too cute. By the way, your mother sounds precious. What a sweetheart, to work so diligently at adjusting to a different culture. (I go for the dark meat, too.)

Musings of a Housewife said...

That is HI-larious!

Tammey said...

I love turkey, but growing up at Price's Poultry we had it a fair amount all year. I would love to gobble the claw...and the tail...dipped in butter of course! Yum yum!!