Happiness is a Crime

Apparently it is.

Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I protected him too much. But he's only 6 years old. And he's an Only. Had he siblings, he may have faced these trials earlier. Might he have had name calling and rejection and trickery earlier at home?

He is such a happy child. If you've seen pictures of him on previous posts, you can see it. I am not boasting when I say that his smile radiates.

Somehow, his naivete, his trust, his inner joy seems to bother certain boys in his class. I know Boo's not perfect! He annoys me every day! And I know kids can be cruel. I didn't know they could be this cruel. They not only reject him, but they conspire to reject him as a group. They pretend to befriend him to watch him "fall" for it. And this they find enjoyable.

How do I keep myself from beating up those six year olds??



Donna said...

Ok...my first attempt at "posting"...the same thing happened to Christi in Brownies (way back in those elementary school days) and I remember boiling inside. I still feel the same way about the girl that was mean to my baby...even though they are both now 22 years old...

blackbelt_oma said...

Thank you for commenting, Donna! Bloggers heart comments!!

Carla said...

My eldest has always been teased. Since preschool. I have always reminded him WHOSE he is. He knows that God made him and we pray for those bullies and try to be friends. I have called many a mother in my day as Mamabear.
As an 11 year old Joshua has a better sense of self because of the teasing. If that makes sense. He has grown through it and so have I. :)

Thinking of you. Thinking of Boo.