Bokchoy Boy at the Beach

Imagine if you will, that every day, you had to eat...umm, let's say Chinese food. You know, there are millions and millions of Chinese who eat Chinese food...every day. Three times a day. But you? ya might want a sandwich, or spaghetti or salad after a day or two. Well, meal after meal of sandwiches and pizza and I'm ready for some East Asian fare. [Yunz know I'm not Chinese, right? Yunz know it's just an example, right?]

I was out buying a new camera. It was one of those days where the air conditioning in the car cannot keep with the heat outside. I saw an Asian grocery store in my travels so I braved another stop and bought dinner fare. I had to improvise, not having the ingredients I'd normally use, but it worked for us. So, here's our meal from tonight:

Clockwise from the salmon, the little black square is a pile of dried seaweed, Shanghai bokchoy, small bowl of kimchee and large bowl of watercress. We take a spoonful of rice, put it on the square of seaweed, add other ingredients, then wrap it like a burrito and pop it into our mouths.

Boo is a pro at it!

In fact, we have to fight him for it!

Megan, I want you to notice that there is bokchoy and watercress on his plate. It's not a set-up. Anyone want to join us for the next meal?


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AmyP said...

OMG! You have my mom's dishes! Looks delicious.