My Father's Eyes

Booboo loves to dress like his dad.

HH, as an Executive, often wears a jacket and tie. So, at every opportunity, Boo wants to dress like his dad. To church, to the take-out Chinese place, to Field Day at school. I admit, I have fears that the older kids might tease him; call him names. I know his acceptance by other children is more important to me, when as yet he is unawares. Many days, I have had to gently coax him out of a tie and button-down shirt. Sometimes, the tie is striped and the shirt is plaid. He is only in Kindergarten, and like most kids that age, he doesn't see the detailed differences in people. He sees only the similarities. It never occurs to him to describe someone by their skin color or disability or difference.

I cannot dampen his spirit, when he is so unflinchingly delighted when dressed like his dad, and proudly says "I look JUST LIKE DAD!"

I wish I would so innocently, unhindered, seek to be like my Father in Heaven.

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dcrmom said...

He's so precious.